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Right now… I’m gearing up to do more free workshops to help unemployed, disenfranchised, laid off Baby Boomers reinvent themselves. Ever since my husband’s layoff one week after 9/11 at 51 years old, I’ve been focused on helping this group reinvent themselves. More recently, a CDC report included a horrifying statistic about the increased suicide rate for this generation — it doubled from 1999-2010 — and spurred me to take even more focused and immediate action.

In preparation for my workshops, and in order to continue with my outreach mission, I invested in coaching from the phenomenal Pamela Slim, focused on my writing goals (completing my second book) by attending a Hay House Writers Workshop held in NYC in September, became a certified entrepreneur facilitator/trainer via Kauffman Foundation’s Entrepreneur Facilitation Training, and attended a Dale Carnegie Skills Success course (was honored to be selected as the highest achiever by my classmates!). It’s all amazingly helpful for the workshops I’m rolling out in 2016.

What I need:

• Stories of reinvention that we can all learn from. Please help me crowdsource my website.  Take a look at the existing interviews on my site (Thanks, Derek Sivers for agreeing to be interviewed!) and recommend people (this means YOU!) to interview.

• Share any tools that have helped you on your path to reinvention.

• Please provide me stories of people who are in any stage of the process of reinvention. It’s very difficult to create in a vacuum, so let’s share with each other. If you’re interested in participating, please contact me. You can use the questions below, or just provide a few comments about what you’re doing.

Thank you!!

Interview Questions:

1. Please describe your reinvention situation.

(If you were laid off, briefly describe your situation and how you’re moving forward.)

2. How are you coping with your situation? What are you doing for support?

3. Have you found help building a new business and if so, please share your discovery.

(Did you use SCORE, SBA, friends and family, etc.?)

4. What tools are you using to build your business

(ex. Have you hired someone to build a website, design a logo, create a marketing plan, etc? If, so did you use 99 Designs, Fiverr or some other resource? Please explain if they’ve been helpful.)

5. Based on your experience, what advice would you give someone who was recently laid off?

6. Any other thoughts?