Reinvention Resources: There’s a World of Talent Out There

You know that stupid cliche about hindsight being 50/50? I hate it, especially when it’s true. After my husband Kevin’s layoff one week after 9/11, we did so many things to right our ship, but some of them were just plain wrong… like liquidating our 401Ks to pay our catastrophic medical bills. (For more detail, go to my About page.) On the other hand, here are some things we did right, much of it through trial and error. Maybe something we learned can assist you in navigating your reinvention. Here are a few resources we used:

  • * (Purchase anything you need to start or run your business in $5.00 increments)
  • (Need to learn a software program quickly? Start here.)
  • Marie Forleo (EVERYTHING you need to “create a business and life you love.” That’s Marie’s slogan and it’s true.)
  • YouTube (Free tutorials on anything.)
  • Pamela Slim (Career coach. Check out “Body of Work” and “Escape from Cubicle Nation”)
  • 99 Designs (High quality logo design)

*Note: I’m an unabashedly gigantic fan of Fiverr and used a talented Fiverr web designer located in Canada to create my writing business website ( and this 50 Plus Reinvented site (50plusreinvented).  I used a graphic designer located in Indonesia to create this infographic. For my 50 Plus logo, I used an amazing American artist who provided so many options, it was hard to choose.

There is a world of talent out there… literally.

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