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Last month I began facilitating a 5-week reinvention workshop and was amazed by the turnout. The first session was called “You are Here” and explained how we as a country (if not the world) got to where we are with the massive layoffs and unemployment of the Baby Boomer cohort. I was heartened by the openness and helpfulness of the participants. Nearly everyone contributed. One of the things I liked best about the first meeting was the information sharing component. Several people were able to make connections in related fields or shed light on areas that others had not considered. In addition, some people suggested useful tools such as new features available in LinkedIn and other resources like Fiverr which I used to create my logo, both my websites (for this 50 Plus Reinvented project and my writing business and this infographic. I’ll be posting links on this site’s Resources page as they are shared with me.

Here’s a new resource I’d like to share.  I’m a big fan of Nick Loper. If you don’t know him, check out his “Side Hustle Nation” website. Nick has a new book he wants to share (a free document to be downloaded on your computer or tablet, free with a Kindle unlimited account or $2.99 if you purchase it for your Kindle) called, “Work Smarter: 500+ Online Resources.”  It’s amazing and I’ve actually used several of the tools he recommends, so I feel confident in Nick’s roundup of resources.

The next workshop is called “You are NOT Alone” and will cover the statistics behind what happened during the Great Recession and where we can go from here.  I’ll report back after the next meeting and share what comes up.

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